Online Application for Membership

Join us.  We warmly invite all interested in injury prevention to become a member, especially:

  • Faculty
  • University staff
  • Visiting scholars
  • Students
  • Trainees
  • Practitioners

Check out our list of current members.

Membership has its benefits…

When you join, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • The opportunity to participate as part of a diverse scientific community spanning a large spectrum of scholarship devoted to injury research, prevention, and education.
  • Ability to engage with other researchers through mentorships, collaboration, and/or group activities
  • Access to support (statistical and technical assistance), collaboration opportunities, and special workshops
  • Opportunities to apply for pilot funding
  • Scientific feedback on your injury work through lunchtime presentations
  • Increased dissemination of your work through website coverage, social media, and more
  • Access to information about injury research via the Center’s communications
  • Notification of outside funding opportunities related to injury
  • Identification as part of an injury research community, including recognition on the Center website
  • Invitation to all U-M Injury Prevention Center educational events

Member responsibilities

Members are expected to demonstrate a clear and consistent interest in injury research, prevention, and/or education by participating in ongoing programs, attending UM Injury Prevention Center events, and participating in injury-related activities.  In addition, members may:

  • Present at Center events
  • Serve on special service committees
  • Mentor junior faculty/staff or students to develop and support their interest in the field of injury

Selection of members

Interested individuals may apply or be nominated for membership.  Applications will be reviewed for approval, and applicants will be notified promptly.  Follow the instructions and apply today.

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