CDC ICRC Information

In 1987 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began funding Injury Control Research Centers (ICRCs) to study ways to prevent injuries and disabilities.  The University of Michigan Injury Center was funded for a five-year grant beginning in 2012, making it one of only 11 funded centers in the US.  Since then, the number of funded centers has been reduced to 10.

Injury Control Research Centers conduct research in injury control and serve as training centers as well as information centers for the public. Research design in these centers is interdisciplinary and incorporates the fields of medicine, engineering, epidemiology, law, and criminal justice, behavioral and social sciences, biostatistics, public health, and biomechanics.  (Click to link to center sites below.)

Currently Funded ICRCs

We are grateful to the CDC for its support and for its strong interest in the field of injury prevention.