About Us

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center is a comprehensive CDC-funded Injury Control Research Center that addresses urgent injury issues with research, education, and outreach.

The Center benefits from the vast educational, research, outreach, and policy resources of the University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University to address the burden of injury in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.

A multidisciplinary approach

With nearly 250 members from 20+ institutions and faculty leadership from more than 14 departments at three academic institutions, the Center brings together many disciplines to focus on injury prevention. Center activities encourage interaction among many disciplines to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration.

Making a difference

We aim to reduce injury by:

  • Publishing research findings
  • Translating research into practice
  • Disseminating actionable findings to community groups
  • Publishing educational materials for practitioners
  • Providing support for developing injury policy.

Our focus

While we cover many injury topics, we have particular focus on:

  • Transportation safety
  • Violence interventions
  • Prescription drug misuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicide
  • Concussion

And special expertise in the population of teens and young adults (although not exclusively).

We also have expertise in geo-spatial analysis.

Working together to address injury

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center is organized into Cores that focus on the following activities:

  • Research
  • Outreach & Translation
  • Training & Education

Subgroups provide additional support to Center activities:

  • Statistics & Methods
  • Policy

We invite you to join us

If injury prevention and control is of interest to you, consider becoming a member.

About our Nautilus shell...

We use a Nautilus shell to represent our Center  because it represents complexity, wholeness, and fragility -- characteristics of the human "shell."  As a logarithmic spiral, it symbolizes our desire to be balanced, expanding, scientifically sound, and innately strong.