Developing a Flexible App Data Collection Tool for Substance Use Research

To date, there are two evidenced-based apps addressing substance use. A-CHESS is efficacious in reducing relapse in adults discharged from addiction treatment settings (Gustafson et al.,0142 ) and ESQYIR is efficacious in reducing relapse among adolescents discharged from addiction treatment settings (Gonzales et al., 2015). Although promising, these apps do not include data collection tools and require a therapist to deliver content and cannot be easily modified by researchers without background programming increasing cost to each project. In contrast, our app will include a dashboard that can be customized by any staff to collect data relevant for various researchers without needing to build in cost for re programming code for each study. Key game like environment will harness intrinsic motivation, using knowledge gap and boredom susceptibility theories to reinforce engagement without contamination of behavioral outcomes measured. The app will allow for add-on components for intervention delivery including marching learning text messaging and YouTube-styled intervention videos.

Thus, the purpose of this pilot study is to conduct focus groups to optimize the content and features of this APP during the development phase, to maximize participant retention in data collection. In addition, we will conduct focus groups to develop a prototype intervention to prevent initiation and escalation of drug use among adolescents and emerging adults. We will recruit youth in the Ann Arbor area using Facebook to participate in focus groups to iteratively refine the app. 

Principal Investigator: 
Susan Murphy
Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
2016 - 2017
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Associate Professor