"Factors Associated with Effective Policy: a Geo-spatial Environment of Teen Driver Policies"

Motor vehicle crashes involving at least one teen driver (age 15-19 years) are a major cause of unintentional injury in the US. Graduated driver licensing (GDL) is the single most effective policy to effectively reduce teen driver crash risk to date. A promising approach to further reduce crashes involving teen drivers is to strengthen GDL policies. To do this, a better understanding of the association between crash risk factors and GDL is needed. 

Principal Investigator: 
Jason Goldstick
Research Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine
2015 - 2017
Abstract Text: 
Previous research on crash risk factors for teen drivers have focused on temporal approaches, examining a single crash risk factor at a time, and have been limited primarily to fatal crashes. Multivariate spatial analysis of crash risk factors for teens that examines the associations between GDL and those crash risk factors using fatal and non-fatal crash data would provide valuable information for enhancing GDL, and contribute to other policy approaches that provide best practice guidelines for parents and others. The proposed study, the first to evaluate GDL policy using multilevel spatial models, will provide a comprehensive understanding of crash risk factors, and help to understand the association between GDL and spatially distributed crash risk factors for teen drivers. To obtain better guidance for strengthening policies to reduce the involvement of teen drivers in crashes, the proposed research will: 1) identify spatially distributed risk factors associated with increased involvement of teen drivers in crashes; and 2) examine how those risk factors change when GDL is implemented using a quasi-experimental pre-/post-implementation design with adult drivers as a comparison group. This study will identify spatially distributed crash risk factors for teen drivers and compare risk factors between teen and adult drivers before and after the implementation of GDL.
PI Title: 
Research Assistant Professor