Core Faculty/ Practitioners

We work closely with faculty and practitioners across many disciplines, university departments, and locations throughout the University of Michigan and the nation. These research experts generate and share new findings about injury prevention that can impact both policy and behavior. Their work may encompass both intentional injury and unintentional injury. We are excited to share and help translate and disseminate the research findings of this productive community. Search the directory of these Core Faculty/Practitioners to discover potential opportunities for research partnerships and collaboration. You may also search on injury focus area and find all in our research community who specialize in that area.

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Jingwen Hu, MS, PhD

  • Research Associate Professor, Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan
  • Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Dr. Hu’s research interests primarily focus on impact/injury biomechanics in motor-vehicle crashes by a multidisciplinary approach using...

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Mark Ilgen, PhD

  • Professor, Psychiatry, Univeristy of Michgan
  • Director, Addiction Treatment Services, University of Michigan
  • Associate Director, Adult Research, Addiction Center, University of Michigan
  • Research Investigator, Center for Clinical Management Research, Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System

Dr. Ilgen is interested in improving the care for individuals with co-occurring pain and addiction. This applies to those with opioid use disorders...

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Jankens K

Kelli Jankens, MBA, CPST

  • Trauma Injury Prevention Manager, Trauma Services, MidMichigan Medical Center, Midland, MI

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Jennifer Johnson, PhD

  • Professor and C. S. Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Flint, MI

Dr. Johnson’s primary research goal is to improve mental health and substance use care for justice-involved individuals. In this work, cost,...

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Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, MS, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Division of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
  • Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Public Health and Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, University of Michigan–Flint
  • Flint ReCAST Program Director, Division of Public Health, Michigan State University

Dr. Johnson-Lawrence is a social epidemiologist that uses community-based approaches to address determinants and prevention practices to promote...

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Psychiatry Faculty Abraham

Amy Kilbourne, PhD, MPH

  • Evaluation Lead, Outreach and Translation Core, University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center
  • Professor, Psychiatry, U-M Medical School

Dr. Kilbourne’s research focuses on the development and implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) to improve outcomes for persons with...

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