The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center benefits from the active participation of faculty, researchers, students, trainees, practitioners, and others interested in supporting injury prevention. Peruse our membership list here. See also our Core Faculty and Core Practitioners. If you are not a member, we invite you to join!

Wendt, Wendi-Jo

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine

Department(s): Department of Emergency Medicine

Wernette, Golfo

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Psychiatry

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Motivational interviewing, Emerging adults, Women's health

Department(s): Medical School

Werth, Jenny

Trauma Program Manager

Organization: Sparrow Hospital

Areas of Interest: Family Medicine

Department(s): Sparrow Hospital

Wesolek-Greenson, Sarah

Program Evaluator

Organization: National Kidney Foundation of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Health Promotion

Department(s): Programs for Early Childhood Health

Wiebe, Douglas


Organization: University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine

Areas of Interest: Epidemiology; Injury Epidemiology; Geography and Health; Activity patterns and implications for exposure; Ecologic momentary assessment

Department(s): Epidemiology in Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Williams, Monique

Data Abstractor

Organization: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Areas of Interest: Injury and Violence Prevention

Department(s): Injury & Violence Prevention

Wilson, Tomorrow

Research Fellow

Organization: University of Michigan Medical School

Areas of Interest: Interest in substance use and falls in older adults.

Department(s): Department of Psychiatry

Windom, Michelle

Clinical Subjects Coordinator

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Social Work, Families & Children

Department(s): Emergency

Winkels, Jessica

Medical Student

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Medicine

Department(s): Medical School

Wisinski, Courtney

Healthy Homes Project Manager

Organization: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Areas of Interest: Environmental Health

Department(s): MDHHS, Environmental Health

Wolfson, Julia


Organization: University of Michigan School of Public Health

Areas of Interest: Policy context and epidemiology of firearm injury prevention

Department(s): Health Management and Policy

Woodhull, Whitney

Resident Physician

Organization: Nationwide Children's Hospital

Areas of Interest: Clinical research, Epidemiology, Public Health, Substance abuse, Adolescent health, Injury prevention, Mental health, Schizophrenia, PTSD, Autobiographical memory

Department(s): Child Neurology

Worden, Eileen

State Trauma Manager

Organization: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Areas of Interest: Trauma, Preparedness

Department(s): Bureau of EMS, Trauma and Preparedness, EMS and Trauma Division

Wright, Erin

Research Associate

Organization: University of Colorado Boulder

Areas of Interest: Violence Prevention, Community and school based prevention efforts

Department(s): Public Health

Yager, Emily

Nurse Recruiter, Community Liaison

Organization: HealthCall of Detroit

Areas of Interest: Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery, Gynecology, Urology, Labor and delivery, Post-surgical nursing, General pediatrics, Brain Injury

Department(s): Nursing, Community Healthcare

Yamakawa, Yoshimi

Public Health Analyst

Organization: Northrop Grumman Corporation

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Epidemiology, Data Analysis

Department(s): Public Health

Yang, King Hay

Professor, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering; Director, Bioengineering Center

Organization: Wayne State University

Areas of Interest: Whiplash Injury Mechanism, Crashworthiness in Transportation Systems, Orthopedic Biomechanics

Department(s): Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering; Bioengineering Center

Yoon, Jina


Organization: University of Arizona

Areas of Interest: Role of teachers in peer victimization, Positive school climate and student-teacher relationships, Students’ relationship qualities and academic engagement

Department(s): College of Education, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

Yoshihama, Mieko


Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Violence against women, Immigrants, Mental health, and Community organizing

Department(s): School of Social Work

Young, Justin

Assistant Professor

Organization: Kettering University

Areas of Interest: Ergonomics & Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Occupational Safety, Work Design, Upper Limb Biomechanics

Department(s): Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Zaagman, Amy

Executive Director

Organization: Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health

Areas of Interest: Mental Health, Child Health

Department(s): Maternal and Child Health

Zagel, Alicia

Scientific Investigator

Organization: Children's Minnesota

Areas of Interest: Pediatric injury/injury prevention, Child abuse, Interfacility transport, Pediatric trauma

Department(s): Emergency, Trauma

Zang, Laura

Family Nurse Practitioner

Organization: Western Wayne Family Health Center

Areas of Interest: Human Medicine, Family Health

Department(s): Health

Zbizek-Nulph, Lisa

Clinical Research Coordinator

Organization: The University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Substance Abuse, Injury Prevention

Department(s): Psychiatry

Zernicke, Ronald


Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Functional adaptation of bone to physiological stimuli, Joint injury and post-traumatic osteoarthritis, Biomechanical mechanisms underlying control of normal and pathological movements

Department(s): Kinesiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Biomedical Engineering

Zhang, Peng

Research Assistant Professor, Statistician Lead

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Injuries in motor vehicle crashes, Surgical site infections in hernia repair, Musculoskeletal quality degradation due to fat infiltration

Department(s): ICAM, Surgery

Zivin, Kara

Assistant Professor

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: opioid overdose; quantitative methods to mental health services and policy with a focus on predictors and consequences of depression in older adults and among Veterans

Department(s): Public Health

Zucker, Robert

Professor; Director

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Substance Abuse, Multi-level etiology and course of alcohol and other drug use disorders, Neural circuitry and genetics associated with substance use disorders, Lifespan development

Department(s): Psychology in Psychiatry; UM Addiction Research Center; Substance Abuse Section