The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center benefits from the active participation of faculty, researchers, students, trainees, practitioners, and others interested in supporting injury prevention. Peruse our membership list here. See also our Core Faculty and Core Practitioners. If you are not a member, we invite you to join!

Kogowski, Amanda

Research Area Specialist Inter

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Acute Care, Injury Prevention

Department(s): Acute Care Research Unit

Kohoyda-Inglis, Carla

Program Director

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Motor Vehicle Crash

Department(s): International Center for Automotive Medicine; General Surgery

Konrath, Sara

Assistant Professor, Philanthropic Studies

Organization: Indiana University

Areas of Interest: Empathy and Altruism Research,

Department(s): Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Korley, Frederick

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Acute brain and cardiac injury; Discovery, quantification and validation of novel protein-based biomarkers using advanced proteomics techniques

Department(s): Medical School

Kothari, Catherine

Associate Professor

Organization: WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine

Areas of Interest: Domestic violence

Department(s): Biomedical Sciences Dept, Division of Epi and Biostats

Kowalenko, Terry

Professor; Chair

Organization: William Beaumont Health System

Areas of Interest: Emergency medicine and workplace violence

Department(s): Emergency Medicine, Williakm Beaumont Health System

Kraai, Brianne

Health Educator

Organization: Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi

Areas of Interest: Community Health, Preventative Medicine, Health Education

Department(s): Health Department

Krajewski, Chris

Program Director

Organization: Women's Resource Center of Northern Michigan

Areas of Interest: Domestic Abuse, Sex Trafficking

Department(s): Domestic Abuse

Krajkowski, Deanne


Organization: Covenant Healthcare

Areas of Interest: Healthcare, Trauma

Department(s): Trauma

Kral, Michael

Asssociate Professor

Organization: Wayne State University

Areas of Interest: Suicide prevention, Culture change and colonialism, Kinship, Youth resilience with Inuit

Department(s): School of Social Work, Wayne State University Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Kroeker, Amber

Health Educator

Organization: Randall Children's Hospital

Areas of Interest: Pediatric injury prevention

Department(s): Pediatric Trauma

Krusky, Allison

Research Associate

Organization: Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center and Prevention Research Center

Areas of Interest: Youth Violence

Department(s): SPH, HBHE

Kunselman, Sabrina

Research Assistant

Organization: Injury Center

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Health & Human Biology

Department(s): University of Michigan Injury Center, Emergency Medicine

Kutcher, Jeffrey

Sports Neurologist, Concussion Expert

Organization: The Sports Neurology Clinic

Areas of Interest: Concussion policies

Department(s): Neurology

LaDuke, Dolores

Trauma and Stroke Program Manager

Organization: Ascension Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

Areas of Interest: Critical Care, Patient Safety

Department(s): Trauma Center and Primary Stroke Center

Laidler, Matthew


Organization: Oregon Health Authority

Areas of Interest: Drug misuse, Injury and Violence Prevention

Department(s): Injury and Violence Prevention Program, Public Health Division

Langhals, Nick

Program Director for Neural Engineering

Organization: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Areas of Interest: Neural Engineering

Department(s): Neuroscience, Repair & Plasticity

Lantto, Chelsea


Organization: Trenton Forging Company

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Health Promotion and Behavior, Public Relations

Department(s): Business Operations

Largo, Thomas


Organization: Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Areas of Interest: Environmental Health Surveillance

Department(s): Environmental Health

Larson, Matthew

Assistant Professor

Organization: Wayne State University

Areas of Interest: Life-course criminology, Violence, Intersection of mental health/illness and criminal justice policy

Department(s): Department of Criminal Justice

Larson, Philip

Program Director, Associate Director

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Student Services, Student Veterans Assistance

Department(s): Veteran and Military Services, Office of New Student Programs

Lau, Chung


Organization: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Areas of Interest: Psychology, Community Action and Social Change, Nursing

Department(s): Nursing

Laubepin, Frederique

Research Scholar

Organization: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Criminology

Department(s): Research Scholar, ICPSR Project Manager, Instructional Resources, ICPSR

Lawson, Jason

Research Assistant

Organization: MI-Youth Violence Prevention Center

Areas of Interest: Violence Prevention, Health Behavior

Department(s): Psychology Department, Health Behavior and Health Education.

Lawyer, Dara

Program Coordinator

Organization: Aims Community College

Areas of Interest: Public Health

Department(s): Career and Transfer Services

Lechota, Jennifer


Organization: Munson Medical Center

Areas of Interest: Emergency Nursing

Department(s): Emergency Department

Lee, Daniel

Research Fellow

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Relation between race, poverty, and health outcomes (psychological and physiological) in African American youth and young adults; Individual, interpersonal, and community level protective factors in the discrimination-health link

Department(s): Center for Human Growth and Development

Lee, SangHyun

Associate Professor

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Understanding and management of construction dynamics through the design and development of mechanisms, models, and systems that integrate automatic data acquisition, computer simulation, and visualization, particularly in mega construction projects

Department(s): Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lemm, Bethany

Health Educator

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Health Education, Alcohol Management, Program Evaluation

Department(s): MHealthy

Leplatte, Dayna

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Department(s): Medical School

Lewin, Linda

Assistant Professor

Organization: Wayne State University

Areas of Interest: Infant mental health, Child maltreatment, At-risk parenting

Department(s): Nursing

Lewis, Len

UMHS Controlled Substance Safety and Compliance Manager

Organization: University of Michigan Health Systems

Areas of Interest:

Department(s): UMHS Compliance

Liberzon, Israel


Organization: Michigan Medicine

Areas of Interest: PTSD, Comorbidity of Depression and Anxiety, Neurobiology of trauma and stress related disorder, Neuroanatomy and neuroimaging of emotions, Comorbidity of Depression and Anxiety

Department(s): Psychiatry, Psychology

Loreto, Barbie


Organization: Beaumont Health

Areas of Interest: Trauma, Injury Prevention, Nursing

Department(s): Trauma Injury Prevention

Losman, Eve

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine

Department(s): Medical School

Lu, Victoria

Associate Product Manager

Organization: Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

Areas of Interest: Marketing, Research

Department(s): Product Market

Lynem, Raymond

Management Consultant

Organization: Accenture

Areas of Interest: Health Policy, Health Services, Consulting

Department(s): Consulting

Mack, Karin

RxDrug Overdose Team, Adjunct Asst Prof

Organization: CDC Injury Center

Areas of Interest: Prescription drug overdose prevention, Injury data and surveillance, Healthy and safe homes

Department(s): CDC injury center, Emory Sociology

Macklem, Debra

Clinical Psychologist

Organization: Chelsea Community Hospital

Areas of Interest: Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment Difficulties

Department(s): Head Pain Treatment Unit

Macon, Elizabeth

Clinical Pharmacist, Generalist

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine

Department(s): Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Macy, Michelle

Assistant Professor

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Department(s): Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics & Communicable Diseases

Madson-Olson, Samantha

Project Analyst

Organization: Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services

Areas of Interest: Public Health, Health Behavior & Health Education

Department(s): Lansing

Magnole, Cindy

Injury Prevention Coordinator

Organization: Jackson Memorial Hospital

Areas of Interest: Injury Prevention, Emergency Care, Trauma

Department(s): Emergency Care, Ryder Trauma Center

Maher, Cormac

Professor of Neurosurgery

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Pediatric cerebrovascular disease, Chiari malformation, Pediatric congenital malformations, Pediatric tumors

Department(s): Medical School

Mahmoudi, Elham

Assistant Professor

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Healthcare policies, Reducing disparities in access to quality healthcare, Optimizing care management for patients with disabilities and chronic conditions

Department(s): Family Medicine

Maio, Ronald

Professor Emeritus, Assistant Research Scientist Emeritus

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Motor vehicle crash mortality, Alcohol and drugs and injury, Traumatic brain injury, Rural trauma care

Department(s): Emergency Medicine, Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI)

Malik, Amira

Undergraduate Student

Organization: University of Michigan

Areas of Interest: Comparative Literature, Gender & Health, Near East Language & Culture, Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness, Emergency Medicine

Department(s): College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Mallat, Ali


Organization: Cleveland Clinic

Areas of Interest: Critical Care Surgery, General Surgery

Department(s): Surgery

Manary, Miriam

Senior Engineer Research Associate

Organization: University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Areas of Interest: Biomechanics and human-factors research

Department(s): UMTRI (Biosciences)

Martelle, Doug

Police Officer

Organization: City of Ann Arbor

Areas of Interest: Crime, Violence Prevention

Department(s): Police Department