Certificate in Injury Science

In partnership with the University of Michigan School of Public Health, the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center offers a Certificate in Injury Science for U-M graduate-level students.



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Goals of the Certificate Program

To engage students in coursework and internships to enhance their knowledge and competencies in injury science.

  • Training strategies include acquiring foundational content and methodological skills to use injury data and conduct policy analysis to increase an awareness of injury issues.

Exposure to multiple disciplines, theoretical perspectives and cutting-edge methodologies to address the needs of vulnerable populations.

Requirements of the Certificate Program

12-13 Credit hours required

  • Two CORE courses taken at the School of Public Health (SPH)
  • Two ELECTIVE courses

A practicum component

  • 318-hour internship or independent study for 3-credits
  • Practicum does not count towards 12-13 credit hours needed to obtain the certificate

Two Tracks of the Certificate Program

Expected Competencies: Knowledge

Definitional Issues

  • Distinctions between intentional and unintentional injuries
  • Addiction

Injury Prevention and Control

  • Principles of injury research
  • Risk factors for and intentions to prevent injury and violence
  • Understanding promotive factors
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements


  • Elements of surveillance, prevention and control
  • Public health ethics

Expected Competencies: Skills

  • Review and critique injury or violence prevention research.
  • Access, interpret, use and present injury and violence data.
  • Assess how to build and manage an injury or violence prevention program.
  • Evaluate injury or violence prevention activities.
  • Disseminate injury or violence prevention information to communities, professionals, and policy makers.
  • Understand how to stimulate change related to injury or violence prevention through policy enforcement, advocacy, and education.


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