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Antonia Abbey, PhD

Professor, Psychology, Wayne State University

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Dr. Antonia Abbey, PhD is a social psychologist and Professor of Psychology with the Department of Psychology, Wayne State University. Dr. Abbey is studying the causes and consequences of sexual assault, alcohol's role in sexual assault, and sexual assault measurement issues. Dr. Abbey has published over 120 journal articles/book chapters. She is also Editor, Psychology of Violence.

Research Interests

Dr. Abbey has a longstanding interest in women's health and preventing violence against women. Most of her recent research focuses on understanding the etiology of men’s sexual aggression, alcohol’s role in sexual assault, and sexual assault measurement using experimental and survey research methods. Dr. Abbey integrates theoretical models from social psychology, alcohol studies, developmental psychology, stress and coping research, and criminal justice to address the following issues:
• What psychosocial factors increase men's likelihood of being sexually aggressive? What is alcohol's role in sexual aggression? How does how alcohol interact with personality, attitudes, and past experience to increase some men’s likelihood of being sexually aggressive toward women?
• What psychosocial factors enhance and hinder women's recovery from sexual assault victimization? What is alcohol's role?
• How does intoxication influence adolescents' and young adults' sexual risk taking?
• How do people decide if someone else is sexually attracted to them? What factors affect the accuracy of these judgments?
• Women's health and health-related behavior.
• Substance abuse prevention for adolescents and young adults.

Research Projects

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