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Matthew Reed, PhD, MSE

Research Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan College of Engineering

Don B Chaffin Collegiate Research Professor, Biosciences Group, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

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Matthew P. Reed, Ph.D. is the Don B. Chaffin Collegiate Research Professor and Head of the Biosciences Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Dr. Reed is an expert in vehicle ergonomics and vehicle occupant crash protection. During his long career at the University of Michigan, he has established himself as a world leader in the study of vehicle occupant body shape and posture and is responsible for major innovations in his field that have improved the safety and comfort of millions of people. Early on, he established the statistical and biomechanical models that are the basis of all software packages used for vehicle occupant compartment design and have become the global standard for occupant compartment layout. More recently, he has led cutting edge work on the effective and efficient statistical modeling of a wide variety body shapes and characteristics. In the course of his research, he has published more than 130 articles in top journals with collaborators from around the world, and he has received multiple prestigious awards in recognition of his contributions to his field.

Research Interests

Dr. Reed conducts research in a variety of areas relating to anthropometry and biomechanics, including vehicle ergonomics and vehicle occupant crash protection. He is also a Research Professor in the Center for Ergonomics in Industrial and Operations Engineering, where he leads the Human Motion Simulation Laboratory. The HUMOSIM Lab develops movement simulation algorithms and ergonomics analysis tools for use with digital human modeling software. Dr. Reed is also a Research Professor in the Integrative Systems+Design program in the College of Engineering, where he serves as Acting Director of the Design Science program.

Research Projects

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