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Patrick Carter, MD

Co-Associate Director, Injury Prevention Center, University of Michigan

Youth Violence Content Lead, Research Core, University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, U-M Medical School

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Dr. Carter is an Assistant Professor and a board-certified emergency physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan. He is also Co-Associate Director and Youth Violence Content Lead at the U-M Injury Prevention Center.

Dr. Carter’s career goal is to develop and implement innovative emergency department (ED)-based interventions that will not only prevent firearm injuries, but also decrease substance use and high-risk firearm behaviors among youth and young adults. Through the many studies Dr. Carter has conducted, he has successfully been able to demonstrated the detrimental impact policy changes can have as well as the potential injury-related impact and cost savings new technology can create.

Research Interests

Dr. Carter’s research aims to understand the epidemiology and characteristics of firearm violence among urban youth and minority populations. Specifically, Dr. Carter has published an analysis characterizing the high rates of firearm possession and illegal methods of firearm acquisition among assault-injured youth seeking emergency department care. He is also the PI of a daily survey study looking at the contextual aspects of firearm violence events among youth in inner-city settings.