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Steven Stack, PhD

Professor, Criminal Justice, Wayne State University

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Dr. Steven Stack is a professor in the department of Criminal Justice at the Wayne State University. Dr. Stack served for five years on the Advisory Board of the University of Michigan's Injury Prevention Center, and currently on the Michigan National Violent Death Reporting System, & the Michigan Association for Suicide Prevention. He is the author of 338 articles & Chapters, and 4 books, that focus on the social risk and protective factors for suicide. Dr. Stack received the Louis Dublin Award from the American Association of Suicidology for lifetime contributions to suicide research in 2003. He is the 2017 recipient of the Stengel Award, given by the International Association for Suicide Prevention for outstanding research & International prestige.

Research Interests

Dr. Stack's research interests include: Social risk and protective factors for suicide, including economic strain, marital strain, dangerous media coverage, & hegemonic masculinity as risk factors and religiousness, social support, & minority ethnicity as protective factors; Cultural Axes of Nations and link to Public Opinion on Criminality and Deviance; Religiousness and suicide prevention; and Impact of the death penalty on homicide.

Research Projects

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