Join Our Water Safety Partners During National Drowning Prevention Month in May

Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium Accelerates Efforts to Prevent Drowning, the Leading Cause of Death in Children Ages 1-4 

Each year, the governors of all eight Great Lakes states proclaim the month of May as Water Safety Month. Our partners in the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium (GLWSC) step up their efforts in offering a wealth of resources for water safety personnel, first responders, and parents in area communities, beaches, and parks to help people SAFELY enjoy the Great Lakes, especially during the busy summer season. 

How Can You Help? Order Beach Warning Signs  
Need signs to help make your local Great Lakes beach or park safer this year? With nearly 100 preventable drownings every year, the GLWSC offers six designs of their official, universal beach warning signs.  

In addition to offering signage, the Consortium’s water safety experts recommend several rescue equipment items, including liferings, youth, and adult lifejackets, whistles, throw bags, rescue boards and tubes, and the EMILY rescue drone.  

Signs and detailed recommendations are available on their website. Questions? Contact Jamie Racklyeft. Feel free to share with your contacts who work a Great Lakes shoreline community, beach, or park looking to help their visitors enjoy a safer experience this year.  

As we enter the spring/summer season, use and share drowning prevention resources, including the National Weather Service Great Lakes Beach Hazards page. 

“The signs really do work. I actually read one before a day at the beach, after we had recently moved here. The surf was rough and I was struggling in a rip current; I probably shouldn’t have been swimming that day but there were no flags out. I remembered the information, relaxed, flipped over on my back, and swam parallel to the shore until I freed myself from the current.”  

– Bob Lukens, Visit Muskegon 

 Water Safety Poster Contest 
As part of the GLWSC’s efforts to promote water safety among children, they held a Water Safety Poster Contest for middle schoolers. Dozens of entries came in from the US and Canada and the winner was 6th grader Lauryn Dewhurst from Ms. Coristine’s class in Gore Hill, Leamington, Ontario. Based on visual impact, creativity, and conveying the theme of wearing lifejackets, Lauren’s poster stood out to the Consortium’s judges.  

Click HERE to read more about the GLWSC and support their lifesaving efforts by visiting their new donation page on Network for