New U-M Injury Prevention Center Publication Summary and Visual Abstract now available

A new U-M Injury Center publication summary summarizing the study’s purpose, methods, and key findings is now available for viewing and sharing. Or read the article, “Design & Implementation of a Parent Guide for Coaching Teen Drivers” here.

We are excited to share a new Publication Summary and Visual Abstract of an important randomized controlled study in the area of motor vehicle crash prevention. U-M Injury Prevention Center Core Faculty Dr. Lisa Buckley and co-authors Dr. Jean Shope, Jennifer Zakrajsek and Dr. Jason Goldstick found that parents demonstrated positive change in behavior through use of an enhanced guide for coaching teen drivers than the control booklet. The Guide helped parents with planning driving practice, stress management, and strategies to keep calm. The study group felt that the features most liked or most helpful related to those around increasing communication and practice complexity.