New U-M Injury Prevention Center Visual Abstract and Publication Summary now available

We are excited to offer a new Publication Summary and Visual Abstract on findings from a published by Dr. Allison Lin, M.D., M.S. and team in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The research focuses on changing trends in opioid overdose deaths and prescription opioid receipt among Veterans, assessing overdose mortality across categories of opoids and opioid prescriptions prior to overdose death.

The findings from this work, “Changing Trends in Opioid Overdose Deaths and Prescription Opioid Receipt among Veterans” show that heroin and synthetic opioids have driven a 65% increase in opioid overdose death, but only a quarter of those who died received prescription opioids in recent months. The authors propose implications for the expansion of opioid overdose prevention efforts and medication assisted treatment for patients with opioid use disorders.

Click to access the full publication. Access our Publication Summaries page to read/download summaries and visual abstracts of this work and other studies published by U-M IPC researchers.

The publication summary summarizing the study’s purpose, methods, and key findings is now available for viewing and sharing.