New U-M Injury Prevention Center Visual Abstract and Publication Summary now available

We are excited to offer a new Publication Summary and Visual Abstract on findings from an editorial published by Dr. Carol Flannagan, Ph.D. in the American Journal of Public Health, about whether states should adopt texting bans. Dr. Flannagan reviewed studies on texting while driving to analyze whether texting bans work and whether states should adopt these measures. It is well-known that texting while driving increases crash risk. However, it is less clear whether states should pass these bans. 

The findings from this work, “Texting bans, a possibly low-cost and effective means to help improve motor vehicle safety” showed that while no research has shown a clear causal connection that texting bans will decrease the risk of crash, they do decrease cell phone use. Handheld cell phone bans have dramatically reduced cell phone use in states that enacted them, so bans may be justified based on these facts alone if they are relatively low cost to implement.

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The publication summary summarizing the study’s purpose, methods, and key findings is now available for viewing and sharing.