New U-M IPC Visual Abstract based on Work by Dr. Goldstick and Team

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center is excited to share a new visual abstract based on a study published by Director of Statistics & Methods Section Dr. Jason Goldstick and co-authors Amanda Ballesteros; Core Faculty Dr. Carol Flannagan; Managing Director Jessica Roche; Dr. Carl Schmidt; and Senior Advisor Dr. Rebecca Cunningham.

In the article, “Michigan system for opioid overdose surveillance,” the authors describe the construction and evaluation of the Michigan system for opioid overdose surveillance (SOS). Recognizing an unmet need for timely and spatially granular data on opioid overdoses in Michigan, the team sought to create a system that optimizes usability and uptake for overdose prevention stakeholders. SOS combines data from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) covering the entire state, and Medical Examiners covering ~79% of the state population, and sends it to a web-based dashboard that produces basic spatial and temporal data summaries. System evaluation showed strong timeliness, flexibility, acceptability, completeness, and accuracy.

Click below to view or download the abstract and scroll down further to learn more about SOS or access other visual abstracts and publication summaries on our website.