New Visual Abstract: Alcohol-involved Overdose Deaths in U.S. Veterans

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center is excited to offer a new visual abstract highlighting:

Alcohol-involved Overdose Deaths in U.S. Veterans, by Core Faculty Drs. Lewei (Allison) Lin, Erin Bonar, and Lara Coughlin, as well as Drs. Lan Zhang and Rachel Girard.

The abstract highlights research into a less-studied, yet increasing cause of fatality, alcohol-involved overdose deaths, which often occur with other substances. The researchers found that alcohol-involved overdose is increasing primarily related to overdoses involving opioids and other substances. Compared to those who died of an alcohol-only overdose, Veterans who died from alcohol and opioids, or alcohol and other substances, were more likely to be Black or Hispanic or to have an opioid use disorder; and less likely to live in rural areas, or to have an alcohol use disorder (AUD).