New Visual Abstract: Comparing Telemedicine to In-Person Buprenorphine Treatment

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center is excited to offer a new visual abstract of a study by core faculty Allison Lin, Amy Bohnert, Lara Coughlin, and team. The study, Comparing Telemedicine to In-Person Buprenorphine Treatment in U.S. Veterans With Opioid Use Disorder, focused on U.S. Veterans with opioid use disorder receiving buprenorphine treatment from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in fiscal years 2012-2019. Through the examination of trends in tele-buprenorphine use over time, comparing characteristics of patients who received tele-buprenorphine vs. in-person treatment, the authors found that while tele-buprenorphine is a promising approach to treatment, it’s important to gain further insight into how it’s being used by practitioners and patients and how these patients’ outcomes compare to those using in-person care. The authors also discovered that the use of telemedicine to deliver buprenorphine treatment in the VHA increased 3.5-fold between 2012 and 2019.

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