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Background on the Management of Acute & Chronic Pain Resources – Patient and Family Resources

Patient geared information on the management of chronic pain, and how chronic pain is different from acute pain.

Overview of Acute Vs. Chronic Pain

Understanding pain

  • Find information on acute vs. chronic pain, the causes of pain, the pain pathway, and the impact of pain.

Acute vs. Chronic Pain

  • Learn about the difference between acute and chronic pain.

CDC: Know your options in treating acute and chronic pain

  • Find information designed specifically for patients on non-opioid treatments for chronic pain, expectations for opioid therapy, how to prevent opioid misuse, and other helpful materials.

What’s Your Best Pain Management Plan?

  • Each person and their pain management plan is unique –Learn strategies for creating a pain management plan right for you.

Managing Chronic Pain


30 Expert Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

  • To help you navigate this difficult terrain, here are some tips, simple lifestyle changes and advice from experts.

The Smart Patient’s Guide to Chronic Pain Management

  • Access this patient guide to help in managing your chronic pain—and finding the pain relief you seek. This guide contains a special section of articles full of advice, insight, and, inspiration.

Medications for Chronic Pain

  • There are numerous medications available to help you manage pain. However, every pain patient is different and responds to medications differently. Visit this site to learn more about medication options in treating chronic pain.

Common Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

  • Learn more about the most common alternative treatment options available in managing your chronic pain.

For more general information on pain management, tailored toward providers: