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Safe Storage & Disposal – Patient Resources

This section includes information on how to safely store and dispose of opioids and other medications to prevent misuse.

Poison Control

  • Contact Poison Control right away if you suspect a poisoning. Get free, expert, and confidential help online or by phone at 1-800-222-1222.

Talking to Patients About Safe Storage and Safe Disposal

Promote safe storage and disposal of opioids and all medications

  • This two-page handout provides information on how to talk to your patients about safe storage and disposal.

APhA: Safety first: Talk to patients about safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of medications

  • Visit this site for information on how to talk to your patients about safe storage/disposal of medications.

Safe Storage/Safe Disposal of Medications Around Children & Teens

Download these two infographics for information on where teens, adolescents and children (<5 years) obtain non-medical prescriptions, what products adolescents are using and what families can do to protect their children.

Keeping Children Safe Around Opioids and Other Medications

  • Share this handout about how and where children access opioids and other medications with patients.

Keeping Adolescents Safe Around Prescription Opioids and Other Medications

  • Download this handout about where adolescents get non-medical prescription drugs and what families can do to protect adolescents.

Proper Disposal of Medications

FDA: Overview of proper disposal –What you should know

  • For an in-depth review in English or Spanish, please visit this site to learn about how to dispose of unused/expired medicine, take back options, disposal in the household trash, flushing certain medicines, the impact of flushing medicines, list of medicines recommended for flushing and frequently asked question and answers.

FDA: How to Dispose of Unused Medicines

  • This two-page handout provides guidelines for proper drug disposal, why these guidelines are necessary, environmental concerns with disposal and disposal of inhaler products.

Michigan OPEN: Safe Storage & Disposal Stock Card

  • Download this handout to learn how to safely store and dispose of your opioids. Also available in Spanish and Arabic.


Safe Medical Disposal Video

  • This film gives a simple step-by-step guide on how to dispose of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications in a way that keeps them out of the hands of young children, prevents abuse, and is safe for the environment. Learn what medications can be disposed of at home as well as how to find community and Drug Enforcement Agency take-back programs.
  • Learn more form the Alliance for Aging Research

Download these two infographics on safe medication and safe needle disposal.

Safe Storage and Disposal of Medications Handout

  • This handout contains information on how to safely store and dispose of medications at home and why it is so important.

Needle Disposal and Exchange Handout

  • This handout details 5 ways to safely dispose of used needles.

Locations to Dispose of Your Medications

Michigan OPEN: Opioid Disposal Map

  • This map includes information on opioid disposal sites within the state of Michigan. Please use it to identify opioid drop-off locations in your area.

Michigan Open: Take Back Events

  • Use this link to locate Michigan OPEN’s bi-annual Take Back Event locations around the state of Michigan.

Drug disposal locator

  • Locate permanent US drug disposal sites for consumers. Temporary “take-back day” and commercial disposal sites are not listed here.

DEA: Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations

  • Missed Take Back Day? Access this directory to locate an authorized collector in your area.

For more information on safe storage and disposal, tailored toward patients and families: