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Medication For Opioid use disorder (Moud) – Patient and Family Resources

Patient-focused information about MAT and where to locate a provider.

*Historically, pharmacological treatment for opioid use disorder was referred to as “Medication Assisted Treatment” (MAT).” More recently, it has been determined that the better term is “Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD)” since it precisely describes this treatment form and carries less stigma. While many valuable resources in the Michigan Safer Opioid Prescribing Toolkit still use the term “MAT,” our website will refer to it as “MOUD” going forward.

What is Medication For Opioid Use Disorder? (MOUD)

Medication-Assisted Treatment eBook – free download

  • For a complete and comprehensive overview of medication for opioid use disorder, including how to find the right facility or treatment provider for your child, download our full eBook.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

  • MOUD can help your child overcome his or her opioid addiction. Learn more about what MOUD is, how it works, and if it could work for your family.

ASAM patient Pocket Guide –Opioid Addiction Treatment

  • This patient pocket guide provides facts about treatment from The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

PCSS Patient materials

  • Access handouts for patients and family members on medication assisted treatment.

Locate a MOUD Specialist


SAMHSA – Buprenorphine Treatment Practitioner Locator

  • Find practitioners authorized to treat opioid dependency with buprenorphine by state.

SAMHSA Opioid Treatment Program Directory

  • View opioid treatment programs by state.

Washtenaw Health Initiative Opioid Project

  • Find resources on how to get help and support for an opioid addiction in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

ASAM – Patient Resources

  • Access this site to learn more about addiction, addiction specialists, and how to locate an addiction specialist.

Supplemental Resources


The National Council for Behavioral Heath: Challenges and Myths about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

  • Download this one-page fact sheet on the myths and facts on MOUD. Scroll down to “MAT Myths v Facts” to download.

Considering Medication-Assisted Treatment? Make Sure You Know the Fine Print

  • As a parent, access this site to learn the fine print about some of the challenges that might come with different types of MOUD.

Rights for Individuals on Medication-Assisted Treatment – know your rights

  • Download this brochure to gain information on the Federal laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities and how they protect people receiving MOUD.

For more information on medication for opioid use disorder, tailored toward providers: