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This section contains information on how to use naloxone, how to prescribe it, and how and where to obtain naloxone without a prescription.


Provider Resources on:


  • Overview of Using Naloxone for Opioid Overdose
  • How to Prescribe Naloxone for Your Patients (Sample Prescriptions)
  • Understanding Naloxone Administration in the Field
  • How to Talk to Your Patients About Prescribing Naloxone
  • Locate Pharmacies Approved to Dispense Naloxone in Michigan
  • Naloxone Acces & Overdose Good Samaritan Laws


Patient & Family Resources on:


  • How to Administer Naloxone in an Overdose Episode
  • Safety Tips for People Who Use or Inject Drugs
  • How and Where to Purchase Naloxone Over-the-Counter in Michigan
  • Cost of Naloxone/NARCAN