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Post-Overdose Care in the

Emergency Department 

Linkage to Services

In this section you will find linkages to service for substance use disorders, treatment service locators, information on telehealth and more resources.

Michigan Resources


Licensed Provider Map

  • Use this interactive map to locate licensed providers in foster care, child care, health care, and substance use disorder care in the state of Michigan.

MI Bridges

  • Connect patients to state and local resources for healthcare coverage, food assistance, child development & care, cash assistance, and state emergency relief.

Washtenaw Health Initiative Opioid Project Treatment Resources

  • Use this website to locate local addiction therapists, medication-assisted treatment facilities, abstinence-based recovery facilities, 12-step programs, and other peer-support groups.

MDHHS: Get Help Now

  • Providers / patients can select a county or city and get the phone number for the local SUD and Community Mental Health agencies.

MDHHS: Opioid Health Home

  • Opioid health home will provide comprehensive care management for medically complex Medicaid beneficiaries with opioid use disorder.

MDHHS: Peer Recovery Services and Supports; Recovery Oriented System of Care

Information on peer recovery coach services, including veterans peer services.

211 Michigan

  • Call or text 24/7 to get help with a variety of issues, including SUD / OUD and use the website to search for treatment services by zip code.

MPCA: Michigan Primary Care Association

  • Information for community primary care practices on how to provide MOUD for their patients.

  • This patient resource explains different types of rehab programs and treatment options to consider.

Community-Specific Sites in Michigan

SAMHSA and National Resources

SAMHSA: Finding quality treatment for substance use disorders/ Spanish version

  • Learn about the three steps to accessing care and the five signs of quality treatment in English or Spanish.

SAMHSA: Treatment Services Locator

  • This treatment services locator allows you to search by state / zip code for SUD providers.

SAMHSA: Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator

  • This buprenorphine practitioner locator allows you to search by state / zip code for providers of MOUD.

Capacitype: Recovery Resource Hub

  • Find your community on the map then switch to the list view to see contact information for local SUD providers.


For rural communities and those communities without existing SUD providers, tele-MOUD may be the only option for patients. Telemedicine is a relatively new development with growing evidence of effectiveness in delivering general medical care, behavioral health interventions, and substance use disorder treatment.  ­­

WorkIt Health

  • Workit Health is the only LARA-licensed teleMAT/teleMOUD provider in the state of Michigan, with coverage through Medicaid, Medicare, and many regional insurance plans. Workit has partnered with NSF and NIDA to develop efficacious care addressing substance use disorders from prevention through medication assisted treatment.
  • Outcomes Data:

RHIhub: Rural Health Information Hub

  • This Rural Telehealth Toolkit contains information and resources on tele-behavioral health and Opioid Use Disorder.

HHS: US Department of Health and Human Services: Telemedicine and Prescribing Buprenorphine for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

  • This brief from the USDHHS outlines the exemption from the in-person medical evaluation requirement as a prerequisite for telemedicine for DATA 2000-waivered practitioners.


Technology Assisted Care (TAC) for SUD

  • Technology to deliver some aspects of behavioral treatment directly to patients via interaction with a web-based program – sponsored by SAMHSA and HIDA.

Additional Resources

The National Council for Behavioral Health: Peer Support Workers in Emergency Departments: Engaging Individuals Surviving Opioid Overdoses

  • This article provides evidence for peer interventions for SUD in emergency department settings.

SAMHSA Webinar: Supporting recovery in acute care and emergency settings

  • This webinar goes through the use of peer recovery coaches in the ED, the logistics of such a program, and the results of this program in Rhode Island.