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Post-Overdose Care in the

Emergency Department 

Naloxone – Patient Facing

Naloxone is an opioid antagonist which means it displaces the opioid from opioid receptors in the brain, reversing the respiratory depression that occurs during an opioid overdose.  Naloxone is safe, effective, and has no potential for abuse. Naloxone has been used by paramedics in ambulances and by emergency room clinicians since the 1960s. Naloxone is not a controlled substance, but it is a prescription medication.  In Michigan, it can be dispensed by a Pharmacy without a prescription.

General Information

NIH Naloxone for Opioid Overdose: Life-Saving Science (PDF) or website

  • Learn about the life-saving science behind naloxone – how naloxone works, where it can be purchased, barriers and facilitators to prescribing naloxone and much more.

Opioid Overdose Reversal with Naloxone (Narcan, Evzio)

  • This NIH resource on naloxone has a short video on how naloxone saves lives by reversing opioid overdose.

Understanding Naloxone

  • This article and graphic has clear, easy to understand information on how naloxone works to reverse an opioid overdose.

Having Naloxone on Hand Can Save a Life During an Opioid Overdose

  • This website contains information on naloxone and how to talk to your doctor about prescribing it. 

Understanding Naloxone Administration in the Field


AMA: How to use naloxone (video)

  • Watch this video from the American Medical Association for step-by-step instructions on administering the different forms on naloxone.

Opioid Safety and Naloxone –Take A.C.T.I.O.N. and Save a Life

Access this handout for instructions on administering intranasal spray, EVZIO auto-injector, and intramuscular naloxone.

Get Naloxone Now: Save a Life

  • This online resource trains people how to effectively respond to an opioid overdose emergency.

Take Action

  • Take Action offers print resources on naloxone for discharge and training materials for staff including videos.

How to Talk About Naloxone


Introduction to naloxone for people taking prescribed opioids

  • This video demonstrates how to introduce the topic of naloxone to people taking prescribed opioids.

Introduction to naloxone for people with injection drug use or opioid use disorders

  • This video demonstrates how to introduce the topic of naloxone to people with opioid use disorders.

Locate Pharmacies Approved to Dispense Naloxone in Michigan


Find pharmacies in Michigan approved to dispense naloxone

  • Download an excel spreadsheet listing all pharmacies approved to dispense naloxone in Michigan including their address.

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Interactive map

  • Access an interactive map showing pharmacies approved to dispense naloxone in Michigan.

Request free Narcan from NEXT Distro

  • Free mail-order Narcan is available to patients from NEXT Distro

Naloxone Access & Overdose Good Samaritan Laws


Naloxone access card

  • Bring this card to any state registered pharmacy to get naloxone.

Michigan Standing Order Information Packet-Naloxone Prescription for Opioid

  • Learn more about Michigan’s Standing Order to dispense naloxone

Drug Overdose Immunity and Good Samaritan Laws

  • Learn about access to naloxone and immunity, nation Good Samaritan Laws, diversion, treatment, and criminal penalties.

Legal Interventions to Reduce Overdose Mortality: Naloxone Access and Overdose Good Samaritan Laws

  • Access a detailed overview of characteristics of state naloxone access laws and state overdose Good Samaritan laws in the U.S.

Resources for Parents and Adolescents


Parents: Facts on Teen Drug Use

  • Information for parents on how to talk to your children about drugs and how to find help.

HHS: Opioids and Adolescents

  • Comprehensive resource on the facts about opioid use in adolescents.

1 in 4 Opioid ODs Involves Kids and Teens

  •  This article describes research finding that more than a quarter of all opioid overdoses in the United States involve children aged 18 or younger.

Teens: Drug Use and the Brain

  • A comprehensive resource for adolescents on how drug use affects the adolescent brain.