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This section contains information on managing pain and treating substance use disorders in adolescent populations.


Provider Resources on:

    • General Guidance on Working with Adolescents & Opioids
    • Driving and Use of Prescription Drugs
    • Guidelines on Treatment for Adolescents with Pain
    • Printable Resources for Adolescent Patients & Parents on Opioid Use
    • Supplemental Information: Research on Post-Surgical Opioid Use


Patient & Family Resources on:

    • What You Should Know & What You Can Do
    • Support for Adolescents Already Misusing Opioids
    • Parent-Child Conversations on Drug Use
    • Driving and Use of Prescription Drugs

Teachers & Coaches

Teacher & Coach Resources on:

    • Identifying signs and symptoms of opioid use in students
    • Communicating concerns about students to colleagues & caregivers
    • What to do if a student comes to you for help
    • The impact of drug misuse on the developing brain