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Patients Living with HIV – Patient and Family Resources

Treatment of chronic pain among individuals living with HIV/AIDS requires a delicate balance between relieving pain and managing complications or medication interactions. Creating an individualized treatment plan with your healthcare provider is key to the success of your overall health and well-being. Healthcare providers can help you identify the type of pain, cause of pain and treatment for that pain.

Living with HIV and Managing Chronic Pain

What Types of Pain Can HIV cause?

  • Visit this site to learn more about the common types of pain among people living with HIV as well as the causes of pain, and treatment options including drug or non-drug therapies.

How to Manage HIV Pain

  • Access information on the relationship between HIV and chronic pain, finding treatments and talking to a healthcare provider.

Locate an HIV Care Provider

  • Access resources on the importance of finding a HIV healthcare provider and how to locate a provider.

Search the American Academy of HIV Medicine’s Referral Link

  • Use this directory to locate healthcare providers specializing in HIV management and prevention across the country.

Additional Resources on HIV and Adolescent Sexual Health


For more information on patients living with HIV, tailored toward providers: