Safely Enjoy the Great Lakes Week runs August 30-Labor Day

There are several awareness efforts early in the season, including Water Safety Month in May, but our partners at the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium (GLWSC) want everyone to remember that dangers exist in and around the water year round. 

Their annual Safely Enjoy the Great Lakes Week focuses on their best practices for staying safe around the water, including, Know Before You Go, Stay Dry When Waves Are High, and You’re Not a Fish, so Wear Your Lifejacket. 

“The waters stay nice and warm into September, so many people want to visit the beach at least once more before fall kicks in,” says Jamie Racklyeft, GLWSC Executive Director and IPC core faculty member. “There are fewer lifeguards on duty this late in the season, so swim where there’s rescue equipment available, and keep the little ones within arm’s reach.”

Please share their water safety wheel image and tips on drowning prevention, and stay safe around the water!

wheel of drowning prevention slogans