Suicide Prevention Resources

The resources you’ll find below are videos and documents that have been distributed by the Injury Prevention Center. These resources were developed based on evidence-based injury prevention research.

Video with Resources for Mental Health During COVID-19

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center acknowledges the challenges related to mental health and suicide prevention associated with the COVID-19 public health emergency. To address this issue, we share evidence-based resources through a video that includes ways to identify increased stress and anxiety, recommendations for reducing it, and numbers to call/text in a crisis. These crisis resources are available for discussing not just suicide, but any distress or crisis you are coping with. You can also call or text these lines to get information about how to help others.

Summary of an Evidence-Based Youth Suicide Prevention Program-Screening in Health Care Settings 

This document provides information on an evidence-based program to prevent youth suicide. This handout gives information on the problem of youth suicide in the United States, information on the highlighted evidence-based solution, and the evidence for the program’s effectiveness.


Cost of Fatal Injuries in Michigan

This document describes the cost of fatal injuries in Michigan and the implications for public health practice.