Areas of Focus

Suicide Prevention

The U-M Injury Prevention Center has unique expertise in the field of suicide prevention. From funded exploratory studies to educational training events, we are working to find ways to prevent suicide across populations. Below you’ll find links to more information about our work in this area, as well as a listing of members doing work or interested in this area. We invite you to explore and join us as we move forward to advance research and prevention.

Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed this technical package for states and communities on suicide prevention to provide a collection of strategies that represent the best available evidence to prevent and reduce this public health concern.  

SAVIR 2017 Conference: Innovations in Injury Prevention Science

The national Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research conference was held September 18-20, 2017 in Ann Arbor, and was hosted by the U-M Injury Prevention Center.

The three-day event brought together speakers from across the nation to speak on injury prevention topics including the prevention of suicide, concussion/TBI, youth violence, sexual assault, opioid overdose, and much more!

Suicide-Related News & Events


SAVE the DATE: Safety 2022 – 14th World Conference on Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion: Postponed to November 27-30, 2022

Injury prevention and safety promotion is a maturing area. It involves many disciplines and interest…


2nd Annual Virtual Injury Prevention Center Research Symposium: Using Technology to Advance Injury Prevention Surveillance, Interventions, and Training

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center has organized a unique event for researchers, post-doctoral…


Injury Prevention Symposium 2021 – Michigan Trauma Coalition

Dedicated to reducing traumatic injuries while developing better care and treatment of trauma patients in…



It’s National Suicide Prevention Week: Learn Evidence-Based Research and Interventions via Free, Online Course

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week: Learn Evidence-Based Research and Interventions via Free, Online Course Highlighting…


New FACTS Study shows Parents’ Increased Purchasing of Firearms during Pandemic provides Access to Teens with Depression

New FACTS Study shows Parents’ Increased Purchasing of Firearms during Pandemic provides Access to Teens…


U-M Injury Prevention Center Newsletter July 2021

This month’s highlights include our fall 2021 Virtual Research Symposium; the U-M IPC Exploratory Project…


Suicide Prevention Information & Tools


Video with Resources for Mental Health during COVID-19

The U-M IPC is sharing evidence-based resources through video that includes ways to identify increased stress and anxiety, recommendations for reducing it, and numbers to call/text in a crisis. These crisis resources are available for discussing not just suicide, but any distress or crisis you are coping with. You can also call or text these lines to get information about how to help others.


tree with MOOC topic icons

Massive Open Online Course–Suicide Prevention Section

The University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center offers a massive open online course, available for free here. After completing the section on suicide prevention, learners will be able to:

  • Review the scope of the problem of suicide attempts and suicide among youth
  • Identify risk factors for youth suicide attempts and suicide
  • Summarize universal suicide risk screening strategies and tools
  • Evaluate prevention and intervention strategies for youth suicide
  • Appraise suicide prevention resources for youth, parents, clinical providers, and prevention specialists

Summary of an Evidence-Based Youth Suicide Prevention Program-Screening in Health Care Settings 

This handout explains the problem of youth suicide in the United States, and describes an evidence-based solution for screening in health care settings, with evidence for the program’s effectiveness.

Cost of Fatal Injuries in Michigan

This document describes the cost of fatal injuries in Michigan and the implications for public health practice.

Funded Research Projects Focused on Suicide Prevention

The U-M Injury Prevention Center has funded current and past injury research projects focusing on suicide prevention. Peruse the projects listed below.

Core Faculty and Practitioners with Suicide Prevention Expertise




Please click on a faculty/practitioner’s name to access their full profile with research interests and funded projects.

Cheryl King, PhD
Suicide Content Lead


Core Faculty and Practitioners with Suicide Prevention Expertise

Lisa Fedina
Lisa Fedina

Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Michigan

Kipling (Kip) Bohnert

Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Michigan State University

Cheryl King

Suicide Content Lead, Research Core, University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center

Lisa Wexler

Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Shervin Assari

Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, U-M Medical School

Mark A. Ilgen

Professor, Psychiatry, Univeristy of Michgan

Ewa K. Czyz

Research Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, U-M Medical School

Daniel Eisenberg

S. J. Axelrod Collegiate Professor, Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Frederic C. Blow

Professor, Psychiatry, U-M Medical School

Bagge headshot
Courtney Bagge

Research Investigator, Veterans Affairs Center for Clinical Management Research, Ann Arbor, MI

Jennifer Johnson

Professor and C. S. Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Flint, MI

Steven Stack

Professor, Criminal Justice, Wayne State University

Members with interest/Expertise in Suicide Prevention

  • Abdellahi El Moustapha
  • Adam Horwitz, PhD
    University of Michigan Medical School
  • Alexandra Yolanda Bravo Schroth, BS
    University of Piura
  • Allyson Berthiaume
  • Andrea Chilcote, MS
    Wayne State University
  • Anna Reeve, MSW
    Metro Health Hospital
  • Annise Wassman, EdS
    Mesa Public Schools
  • Ashley Rapp
    School of Public Health
  • Ashley Seabolt, LPC
  • Autumn Rae Florimbio, PhD
    University of Michigan
  • Bertrand Berger, PhD
    VA Medical Center
  • Brandon Bond, BA
    University of Michigan
  • Breann Edwards, BS
    University of Michigan
  • Caitlin Brauer, MSW
    FairSky Foundation
  • Carla Knighton, AA
  • Carmen Butcher-Houston, MSW
    Legacy/Sums Guidance & Therapy
  • Carrie Morken, BA
    Health Connect America
  • Carrie Musolf
    University of Michigan
  • Charlotte Burnett
    University of Michigan
  • Chastity Flint, BSN, RN
    Driscoll Health Plan
  • Chelsea Booth, PhD
    Zero Suicide Institute at EDC
  • Christian Lumaj
    University of Michigan
  • Christina Magness, LMSW
    University of Michigan
  • Claire Arnott, BA
    Open University
  • Courtney Bagge, PhD
    University of Michigan Medical Center; VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System
  • Craig Dunham
  • Cynthia Miller, MSN
    Bronson Methodist Hospital
  • Daniel Griffith, MBA
    Virginia University of Lynchburg
  • David Baca, PhD
    Intercultural Conflict Resolutions, LLC
  • David Barbour, MSW
    Michigan Medicine