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The U-M Injury Prevention Center does considerable work in the field of concussion and traumatic brain injury prevention. From funded exploratory studies to special day-long educational events, we are working to find ways to identify and prevent concussion across populations. Below you’ll find links to more information about our work in this area, as well as a listing of members doing work or interested in this area. We invite you to explore and join us as we move forward to advance research and prevention.

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CDC Resource for Sports Concussion

CDC’s HEADS UP resources are available on our web site with our HEADS UP microsite! It’s a dynamic collection of HEADS UP resources automatically updated and maintained by CDC. This site contains HEADS UP resources for parents, youth sports, school sports, schools, and health care providers. It also provides information on sports concussion policies and laws and online training courses.


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U-M Injury Prevention Center Sport Concussion Summit 2019

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U-M Concussion Center’s Concussion Training Course

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CDC Resources for Sports Concussion

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Concussion Prevention Information and Tools

Prevention Resources

Michigan Concussion Center
The Michigan Concussion Center aims to be the recognized leader in concussion research and clinical practice for a positive impact on patient health. Click below to learn more about the center’s research and events.

Summary of the Evidence-Based Coach Education and Contact Restriction Guidelines in Youth Football
This document highlights Heads Up Football (HUF), an education program instituted by USA Football in 2012, and practice contact restriction guidelines developed by Pop Warner (PW), a national youth sports organization.

A Summary of a Evidence-Based Concussion Prevention Program-A Helmet Loaner Program for Ski and Snowboarders
This document highlights a community-based helmet loaner program developed in Colorado to increase helmet use among skiers and snowboarders.

Legislative Analyses & Policy One-Pagers

 Effect of Michigan’s Helmet Law Repeal
This document describes the impact of Michigan’s universal helmet law’s partial repeal in April 2012 on helmet usage, head injuries and fatalities, and the financial implications.

Michigan’s Sport Concussion Law
This document describes concussion, the Michigan’s sport concussion law (2013) and steps to take if concussion is suspected.

Funded Research Projects Focused on Concussion Prevention

The U-M Injury Prevention Center has funded current and past injury research projects focusing on the prevention of concussion.

Core Faculty and Practitioners with Expertise in Concussion Prevention

Please click on a faculty/practitioner’s name to access their full profile with research interests and funded projects.

Steven Broglio, PhD
Concussion Content Lead
James T. Eckner

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, U-M Medical School

Broglio Steven800
Steven Broglio

Concussion Content Lead, Research Core, University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center

Andrea Almeida

Assistant Professor, Neurology, University of Michigan Medical School

Jingwen Hu

Research Associate Professor, Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan

Ronald Maio

Professor Emeritus, Emergency Medicine, U-M Medical School

James A. Ashton-Miller

Albert Schultz Collegiate Research Professor, Office of Research, University of Michigan

Matthew Lorincz

Clinical Professor, Neurology, University of Michigan Medical School

Frederick Korley

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, U-M Medical School

Bara Alsalaheen

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy, College of Health Sciences, University of Michigan-Flint

Members with Interest/Expertise in Concussion prevention

  • Aaron Morandini, MA
    Birmingham Public Schools
  • Ainsley Adair,
    University of Michigan LSA
  • Albert King, PhD
    Wayne State University
  • Allyson Berthiaume
  • Amanda Esquivel, PhD
    University of Michigan Dearborn
  • Amy Teddy
    The Sports Neurology Clinic
  • Andrea Chilcote, MS
    Wayne State University
  • Anna Reeve, MSW
    Metro Health Hospital
  • Bridget Fox
    St John of God Kerry Services
  • Carley Shannon
    Ball State University
  • Carrie Musolf
    University of Michigan
  • Cecil Edward Byrnes
    Marlette & Sanilac Ambulance Services / Marlette Fire Department
  • Chad Engelhardt
    Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC and Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
  • Chastity Flint, BSN, RN
    Driscoll Health Plan
  • Cheryl Burda
  • Christian Lumaj
    University of Michigan
  • Christina Cameron, MSN
    Bronson Methodist Hospital
  • Christine Callahan
    University of North Carolina and University of Michigan
  • Coco Rios Escobar, BA
    University of Michigan School of Public Health
  • Cynthia Miller, MSN
    Bronson Methodist Hospital
  • Damilola Abiodun, NVQ
    Bin omran
  • Daniel Griffith, MBA
    Virginia University of Lynchburg
  • Darryl Conway
    University of Michigan
  • David Christensen, MA, JD
    Christensen Law
  • Diamond Buchanan
    Diamond Buchanan
  • Diane Kline-Gorney, MA, LBSW
    AuSable Valley Community Mental Health
  • Dipa Gurung Rai
    John Maxwell
  • Dixie Carter, BSN, CCM
    St. Luke's Hospital
  • Dominique Leibbrandt, PhD
    Stellenbosch University
  • Douglas Martini
    Oregon Health and Science University