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Naloxone – Patient and Family Resources

How to use naloxone, when to get it and how much it costs, and information for people who use injectable drugs.

Please note: Naloxone is commonly know by its brand name, NARCAN.

How to Administer Naloxone in an Overdose Episode

Opioid Safety and Naloxone – Take A.C.T.I.O.N. and Save a Life

  • Access this handout for instructions on administering intranasal spray, EVZIO auto-injector, and intramuscular naloxone.

3 ways to administer naloxone.

  • Watch this video from the American Medical Association to learn how to administer naloxone.

Safety Tips for People Who Use of Inject Drugs


Safety Tips for People Who Use or Inject Drugs 

  • Learn about the 8 safety tips essential for people who use or inject drugs.

How and Where to Purchase Naloxone Over the Counter in Michigan


Find pharmacies in Michigan approved to dispense naloxone

  • Download an excel spreadsheet listing all pharmacies approved to dispense naloxone in Michigan including their address.

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Interactive map

  • Access an interactive map showing pharmacies approved to dispense naloxone in Michigan.

Naloxone access card

  • Michigan has a standing order law requiring licensed pharmacies to dispense naloxone without a prescription. Download this card and bring it with you to a pharmacy to help you access naloxone as a life-saving resource.

Cost of Naloxone/NARCAN


NARCAN® Nasal Spray has extensive public and private insurance coverage, including Medicaid.

Approximate cost without insurance:

  • Walgreens – $135.99 / 2 doses
  • CVS – approx. $78 / 2 doses
  • Rite Aid – $125.79 / 2 doses

Naloxone Coupons

  • Check for coupons to purchase naloxone/NARCAN at a discounted price, which may be cheaper than your insurance co-pay

Naloxone Access & Overdose Good Samaritan Laws


Drug Overdose Immunity and Good Samaritan Laws

  • Learn about access to naloxone and immunity, nation Good Samaritan Laws, diversion, treatment, and criminal penalties.

Legal Interventions to Reduce Overdose Mortality: Naloxone Access and Overdose Good Samaritan Laws

  • Access a detailed overview of characteristics of state naloxone access laws and state overdose Good Samaritan laws in the U.S.

For more information on naloxone, tailored toward providers: